Project engineering

With extensive experience in interdisciplinary and integrated approaches, GFA Entec’s core competency lies in developing sustainable and goal-oriented solutions for a variety of problems.


GFA Entec provides engineering services for hydropower plants ranging from 10 kW to 5 MW. We offer comprehensive services from site identification and feasibility studies to detailed design and implementation. Our company provides technical expertise covering the full range of small hydropower technologies i.e. topographic survey, hydrology, hydraulics engineering, equipment manufacturing and installation, construction supervision, and plant commissioning. GFA Entec provides engineering services around the globe. We have implemented projects in Europe, Latin America, the Caribbean, Africa, and many parts of Asia.

Project engineering

Mini hydropower plant Dewata / 250 kW, Indonesia

  2001 - 2002

The Dewata Tea Estate is located beyond the reach of the national electricity grid (PLN). Prior to the building of the mini hydropower (MHP) plant, the estate consumed an average of 320,000 liters of diesel fuel... more

Project engineering

Rural hybrid electrification scheme Nam Ka I / 29 kW, Laos

  2006 - 2007

The hybrid system Nam Ka I was built as a pilot scheme to demonstrate state-of-the-art technology and an innovative financial and institutional set-up for rural electrification. Nam Ka village in Xieng Khouang province has 110 households and no access to the national grid... more

Project engineering

Mini hydropower plant St. Martin / 50 kW, Switzerland


The hotel and restaurant of St. Martin is located in the remote Calfeisen valley at 1,350 meter above sea level. The historical settlement including a chapel dates back to the 14th century and was inhabited by up to 100 people... more

Project engineering

Mini hydropower scheme Buchholz / 140 kW, Switzerland

  2005 - 2006

In 1892, Victor Eberle built a 15 meter high concrete dam on the river Glatt for hydropower generation at his direct drive flour mill. The mill and the hydropower fell into disuse in the early 1920s... more

Project engineering

Mini hydropower plant Freienstein / 600 kW, Switzerland

  2003 - 2004

The hydropower potential of the River Töss at Freienstein has been exploited for more than 100 years. When the main demand centre, a local garment factory, was closed in 1990, the hydro plant operation was terminated as well... more

Project engineering

Rehabilitation of small hydropower plant Salido Kecil / 730 kW, Indonesia

  2005 - 2009

The hydropower plant Salido Kecil was originally built at the beginning of the 20th century. The current owner acquired the concession to operate the plant in the 1980s, carried out some necessary repairs and eventually operated... more

Project engineering

Small hydropower plant Sun Koshi / 2.5 MW, Nepal

  2001 - 2005

The Sun Koshi small hydropower plant is a run-of-river scheme equipped with two Turgo turbines. The Small Hydropower Promotion Project (SHPP), implemented by Entec, assisted the project throughout the planning, design and construction phases.... more

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