Institutional Development for Energy in Afghanistan (IDEA)

Institutional Development for Energy in Afghanistan (IDEA), Afghanistan

German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ)  2016 - 2016

Afghanistan is struggling with access to energy for its population and effective energy provision, particularly in rural areas. The numerous institutions tasked with energy provision and related management face a number of challenges: Insufficient and inefficient power plants, the ongoing deterioration of the security situation and dependency on (costly) energy provision from neighboring states. The overarching legal framework has been put  in place. However, there is little cooperation among the various institutions involved in the energy sector who face unclear and overlapping mandates and diverging interests. Against this background GIZ launched the program IDEA (Institutional Development for Energy in Afghanistan) in 2015. The main objective of the program is to improve the framework conditons for enhanced energy supply. The objective requires various adminitrative reform measures, including organizational and capacity development in the energy sector.