WB Life-Cycle Cost Optimization of Small Hydropower Plants

WB Life-Cycle Cost Optimization of Small Hydropower Plants, Vietnam

World Bank  2010 - 2010

The Government of Vietnam recognizes the potential for renewable energy to contribute to the sustainable development of the electricity sector. It has made a solid start with the Renewable Energy Action Plan (adopted 2001), and through the System Efficiency Improvement, Equitization and Renewables Project (SEIER approved 2003) and the Global Environment Facility Grant for SEIER (GEF Grant for SEIER, approved 2003) which has supported the development of the policy and regulatory framework. The Vietnam Renewable Energy Development Project (REDP), approved by the World Bank's Board of Directors in May 2009, is the third step and is aimed at scaling up the use of renewable energy for generation of electricity for the grid.