GTZ Energising Development II

GTZ Energising Development II, Indonesia

German Agency for International Cooperation (GIZ)  2009 - 2012

The Government of the Netherlands is supporting Green PNPM’s block grant component by contributing approximately $8,000,000 to the German Technical Cooperation Agency (GTZ - now GIZ) to establish a Technical Support Unit (TSU) which - building upon the PNPM principles - will provide technical assistance to communities that are planning and implementing MHP schemes. The objective of the TSU is to ensure that MHP-schemes financed with Green PNPM block grants fulfill a number of minimum requirements crucial for their sustainable preparation, implementation, and subsequent operation and management. The TSU will review all MHP project proposals submitted by participating communities through Green PNPM. In practical terms, ‘green’ facilitators will refer village proposals for MHP schemes to the TSU for feasibility assessments and design guidance.